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Hi all.

I am moving this blog over to Tumblr shortly. I will leave this domain name pointing here for the time being but, it will eventually redirect you to the Tumblr site.

I am trying to decide if I should copy/paste all the old posts that are relevant or just start fresh.

The Tumblr blog is open, so anyone with a Tumblr account can post there. Until it’s abused anyway.

So, please visit there for any current and future DBSC stuff.



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Well, the other day, when I tried to update the software here, the update borked the site. I think I have it back and running now, but if you see anything amiss let me know.

SPAZ 2010 Patches ordered!

Posted in Blathering on May 6th, 2010 by alienmeatsack

Hey all. Just a quick update to let you know I’ve got the SPAZ 2010 patches ordered and am waiting on them now. I expect them in 2-3 weeks and then will start shipping them out to everyone.

Since this season, it seems to be very slooooow, I ended up just ordering 100. (Last year we got 200 and they went fast.)

Everyone who preordered gets theirs, then I will accept more orders for the remaining patches.

Stickers are next. Yep. Me love stickers long time.

SPAZ 2010 Patches Pre-ordering over

Posted in DBSC Swag! on April 20th, 2010 by alienmeatsack

Well, we came, we saw, we kick some butt. And the pre-orders for this years SPAZ 2010 patches was (or were?) a success!

Thank you everyone who pre-ordered. You will obviously be first in line to get your patch(es). Everyone else, don’t worry, I am going to order plenty for everyone else. If we run out, we can do a 2nd run too as needed.

My hope is to have patches in hand in 2-3 weeks. They take 2 weeks to make and ship here and that gives me a week to get the design tweaked and sent off.

Thanks again everyone!!!


SPAZ 2010 Pre-order Final Days!

Posted in DBSC Swag! on April 15th, 2010 by alienmeatsack

That’s right peeps, this weekend is the final run for pre-orders for SPAZ 2010 patches. We will stop taking pre-orders on Sunday and get them ordered next week. Don’t worry, if you miss the pre-orders, you can always try and get one from us after the fact. Should be ordering quite a few!

See the links on the right for more info and ordering.

It’s freaking gorgeous here

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I hope all of you have weather like here in Oklahoma! It’s beautiful out. So beautiful that I feel like a jerk for sitting inside at work. I should just go home. HAHA.

Hope everyone is enjoying the weather in their neck of the woods, it’s scooter season!

S.P.A.Z. 2010 Patches – Pre-orders!

Posted in DBSC Swag! on April 5th, 2010 by alienmeatsack

Yep, it’s official, it’s SPAZ time again peeps!

See the official page here for order info!

Thanks! :D

DBSC Keychain Bottle Openers on sale!

Posted in DBSC Swag! on March 11th, 2010 by alienmeatsack

Yep, I am trying to clear out the few of these I have left, so I’ve marked them down to $2.50 each plus $.50 shipping anywhere in the US or Canada! (Were $3.50 with $1.00 shipping). These $$s also cover my PayPal costs so I am not making money on these.

Visit the page to purchase one!

Ride safe and keep your scoot rubber side down!

DBSC Patches are back in stock!

Posted in DBSC Swag! on February 22nd, 2010 by alienmeatsack

I finally have more patches in stock again! Wahoo :D

See the product page for info and purchasing. For quantities over 5, let me know and I will try and get you a little better price.


Solovair Air Cushion Boots – The real Docs

Posted in Blathering on December 18th, 2009 by alienmeatsack

Some of you are probably fans of Doc Martin boots. And some of you probably noticed that their quality has gone downhill. (Chinese production will do that.) Well, it’s time for a change. Check this out…

What you want to do is stop giving your business to Doc, and start giving it to the people who STILL MAKE the best air cushion boots out there, BY HAND… and in the same factory that made the original Docs. Solovair is their name and putting heart and soul into their boots is their goal.

Please visit their site, give them some business, pass the word around. They make great riding boots, with love by hand. It’s not some huge corporate entity, just real people. Spread the love, please. Time to let Docs of their high horse and let someone else do the job right!

Hello, it’s here… had to get involved in the discussion.

My Dad has sold these boots since early 70′s and I remember when Air-Wair (DM’s) tried to take NPS, Tredair and others to court over the use of the yellow stitching. As the case got closer it became apparent to the Griggs Group (the then makers of DM’s) solicitors that other boot manufacturers in Northampton were using yellow stitching before DM’s went into production and the case was dropped. There is no copyright on yellow stitching. Although interestingly all merchants that stock DM’s are not allowed to stock Solovair with yellow stitching, they risk loosing the DM contract if they do. This is why it’s important to support the independents.

Solovair employ 30 people and everything is made to order. These boots are hand made, not mass produced. And yes the first DM’s were made in the NPS factory, the same factory that the boots I sell are made in today.